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one of those lives

So this past weekend was one of those dark ones. Where everything you do reminds of the reasons that you hate doing it. Work on Friday wasn’t so bad, I was still feeling out of it though, then that night...


could you be a little weak

Ok, it snowed. It was gorgeous in big white chunky flakes and then I went to bed. This morning. The gov’t was still open and I had to get my ass into work. Problem, my apartment complex didn’t feel it...



I’m still in complete inability to get my emotions under control, I didn’t sleep well last night, or perhaps just didn’t sleep enough. I feel like a walking emotional time bomb, at any minute I could explode into rage or...



I’ve been bad.. not updating this thing for.. sheesh 6 days. I’m still miffed that the EPA feels my own blogger should be a blocked site, but this morning something happened that’s similar to the Jayson thing, when you feel...



Let me apologize now if any future entries made from the office come out with bad formatting as the EPA has decided that my page is now a blocked site. I tried to access it and I got the EPA’s...



…with this office, these people, etc. I’ve got to find a new job. Well with that said, time to get to work!!



Yes, let me be just a little base and find extreme pleasure in the fact that Dr. Laura’s show is getting terrible ratings and even getting dropped in some markets. Now this: Laura Schlessinger Gives Gays Full-Page Apology. Like we...