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Obama Trudeau Cameron: Bizarre Love Triangle?

Saw this on twitter and cannot stop laughing. when you bump into your ex with his new bae pic.twitter.com/9lC241rMOS — Sarah M (@sazza_jay) April 4, 2016 Obama Trudeau Cameron… a love triangle story for the ages! I haven’t gone too...


I got it! Did you?

Ok, my iPhone needs a zoom and a better autofocus. I tried to snap above sticker for two days with the iPhone’s camera and it came out blurred no matter how I got close or far away. Thankfully no one’s...


Past News: Dalai Lama got medal, Dumbledore still gay

I was just recycling some old papers at my desk and came across this image on the cover of last Thursday’s express and something about the picture and pose made me think that the perfect caption for this photo would...


make money at home!

The picture also happens to be what I’m auctioning off on eBay. This is starting to be profitable again.


Results without expectations

Today feels like a pretty good day actually, last night I downloaded Janet’s new single “Doesn’t Really Matter” online and already went to buy the CD. The song is just too happy to let you feel bad about yourself, plus...