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i’m in the press!

Well, sort of. It would figure that the one day I’m off work, my blog was quoted in the Express. I doubt I’ll be able to get a printed copy (or if I even want one) but it’s kinda cute....



, there’s your book! Spotted in the Philly train station while waiting to head home.



Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy | nbc4.com a golden retriever born last week is green. The little green fella is one of a litter of four. But his littermates are the usual blond color. SOOOO CUTE!! Its coloring...


in your lap

Part of an ad: For incredible entertainment experiences in your lap, get Intel Centrino in your laptop. The full picture shows John Cleese sitting on a commuter’s lap drinking tea, while the commuter looks on, quite satisfied. The tagline is...


Harpers Ferry photos!

Harpers Ferry uploaded by flickrite urbanbohemian. The photos are up from Harpers Ferry, we had a blast, even in the rainy breezy cold weather. Lots of history there, very scenic, very quaint.


unintentional penis

Nothing like a nice work safe penile reference in the morning! Boing Boing: Unintentional penis on religious book called “After You’ve Blown It” Now I keep getting reminded of the song Detachable Penis but all I can remember is the...


the universe laughs

This is in the sponsored offers section of a website I visit daily. For those that know me well, you’d understand why that first entry gave me a chuckling panic attack. For those that don’t know me well, ask before...


Edwina says…

Go see pictures from Doug’s Game Day in which I am featured not once, but twice… or I’ll sink my claws into your pretty pretty flesh. (Which she’ll probably do either way) For some reason I really like the pictures...


Avast, me hearties!

Y’arr! uploaded by flickrite urbanbohemian. Arrr, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey! And don’t ye be forgettin’ it!


Mmmm, presents

This is mostly a thank you post for the gifts I got, normally I’m not good at accepting gifts, because they usually come from my family, who never knows what I want, but will tear me a new one if...