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iPhone: jumped the gun?

After manually updating my G1 iPhone to the new 2.0 software, it was working, but a few things were a little wonky. Some location based stuff was freezing up, my text messaging was acting funny and my bluetooth devices were...


Shut. Up!

Y’know, much as I love watching poker tourneys on tv, I really wish the commentators would shut the hell up! So annoying. Or at the least, have previous champions do it, these talking heads are just annoying.


when I look back on my ordinary life

The lesson is: save early and save often! gmail sorta crashed up my browser (it really can be a firefox killer) and I lost all the fun and wit of my post. For a moment you think, “F_ck it, I’m...


please keep your brain inside the vehicle at all times

Weatherwise, it’s an absolutely craptastic Friday so far. Warm, wet and humid… something I prefer in my sauna, but not in a Friday. We had a shelter in place drill earlier which translates to standing around in the hallways. We...


odd observations

Watching Celebrity Poker on Bravo.. from the little card cameras, Travis Tritt seems to have better looking nails than Rosie O’Donnell. I have no idea what that means.. but get a manicure if your hands have to star in the...