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TIME covers Trump meltdown

There is no tried and true status gauge for political campaigns, but these TIME Magazine covers are officially declaring a Trump meltdown. “Inside Donald Trump’s Meltdown” on August 22, 2016 and “Inside Donald Trump’s Total Meltdown” October 24, 2016.


Obama Trudeau Cameron: Bizarre Love Triangle?

Saw this on twitter and cannot stop laughing. when you bump into your ex with his new bae pic.twitter.com/9lC241rMOS — Sarah M (@sazza_jay) April 4, 2016 Obama Trudeau Cameron… a love triangle story for the ages! I haven’t gone too...


Campaigning for Dick

Many moons ago, when I visited the Smithsonian’s American History museum as a lad, one of the things I remember most about that trip was seeing the section on political memorabilia. From Eisenhower’s “I Like Ike” ad to many customized...


politics: what women want

Seen on the front page of this week’s Washington Examiner. Headlines/covers like this crack me up. I imagine there have been a great many GOP conventions with sessions and workshops described exactly like this. “What [Women, Minority, Gay, etc.] Voters...


media: a talking grizzly?

Just a friendly reminder that not every event that you can relate back to yourself–whether via easy or convoluted means–demands a self-serving statement.


snippets: on a rainy morning…

I hope everyone out there is having as lovely a morning as us DC folk are. The rain, she’s a comin’ down and showing no signs of stopping! I wish I had the option of these fine city workers to...


dissent: ur doin it wrong

I wasn’t able to watch Obama’s speech on health care last night, but friends on twitter, Facebook and IM kept me up to speed. When I saw a flurry of messages asking, “Who just shouted out ‘You lie!’?” I was...


politics: our Congress shot us down

This is a snippet from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Summer mailing, the leading story was about her efforts to get a DC voting rights bill passed in Congress: I realize that things are rarely as cut and dry as a...


mother’s day: the perfect gift

I… might have to head downtown and grab this t-shirt for my mom. I don’t think I could get it there for Mother’s Day, but the better late than never might apply in this instance. She’s offered to help me...


in DC: “I am a politician who is moral.”

I thought it would be enough to post this to Facebook, but I’m still shaking my head and laughing this morning. About 150 people rallied in Freedom Plaza outside D.C.’s City Hall to denounce support for same-sex marriage in the...


work: this is getting to be a habit

I gotta say, it’s been a pretty good few months for this new building. 43rd President, 44th First Lady and today the 44th President and Vice-President. From what I understand, historically, these visits are a pretty big deal since the...


TGIF: …their brains start working

Looks like our office will be getting another special visitor this afternoon. Sadly, they sent out the notice about this at around 5:30 last night. Most of the Feds at my site are early birds and usually outta here by...


politics: they didn’t pay what?

While I’m sure that photo wasn’t taken specifically in response to the recent withdrawn nominees, it still looks like an apt reflection of how he must be feeling. At least, as a quirk of fate, Daschle’s withdrawal took place on...