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“Got my back?” Check one: Y / N

There is no easy way to convey how on our guard or walking on eggshells some people of color (especially QPoC) are in predominantly white spaces.


“…being offended is pointless”

Have been seeing “…being offended is pointless” and similar sentiments lately, usually when being told “there are more important things to worry about”, and I disagree.


“I can’t go home again.”

Talking about systemic racism is a hard conversation, even more so when you’re talking about its effects in a community that is already marginalized. Trying to point out the intersections is often met with resistance and constantly exhausting for those who it most affects.


in DC: metro seat hog blues

So it’s already Monday, right? I made it halfway to the metro station when I realized I forgot my phone. I go back upstairs to get it and just as I lock the door, realized I forgot one other thing.1...


home: “Hey you! Pick up that poop!”

Behold, the power of blogging… As you know, things got a little crappy around here with my rant on irresponsible dog owners. On my way home yesterday, it was getting worse as cars had driven through some of the piles...


etiquette: telephone 101

Just a quick informal poll: You’re calling someone for the first time who has no reason to expect a phone call from you. Once they answer, how would you–the caller–begin your part of the call?


metro: standing, walking, questions

I thought I was done ranting about people on the metro. I mean what more can you say after so long, especially that hasn’t already been said on a million other DC area blogs, but ye gods! Stand right, Walk...


adobe: have a good book nearby

Why is it that the day or two after you refuse a new job offer, your own job stinks even worse than usual? After mulling it over and weighing pros and cons, I decided that my current job is best...


office: Pet Peeve #732

If I may take a moment to rant… Here’s a clipped image of an e-mail sent out this morning regarding a going away luncheon for an employee that’s leaving. From the blurry mass next to To: and the opening “Everyone,”...


Are ya ready, boots?

I really (really, really) wish that my condo board could at least post some form of elevator outage status so that I’ll know when I’m on my way home if I should do my errands before stopping by my place...


B of A: Higher Standards? Right.

I called up Bank of America to request a credit line increase. I’ll do the mini-rant in reverse and say first-off that I was successful. Now for my issues: Discovering that their online page for Credit Line Increases is broken....


the world is not such an awesome place

One of the issues lately that really makes my blood boil is Photographers’ Rights. The idea that taking a photograph makes someone a terrorist is just stupid. And giving someone (usually a rent-a-cop) the arbitrary power to question and/or detain...


work: a little venting

This afternoon may be the most frustrated I’ve ever felt with this job. It’s not one thing, it’s a combination of a whole lot of stuff that seems to keep getting more crap added to it and all the while...