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Doctor Who? Bad Wolf? Columbia Heights?!

On my way out to try the Candy Corn Martini, I noticed the following spray painted on the escalator maintenance shelter at Columbia Heights. BAD WOLF. I’m not sure if this means the universe is still in danger, or that...


in DC: Awesome Con!

Awesome Con was this past weekend in DC and I still feel a little worn out from it! When I last went two years ago, it was much smaller, just confined to a few rooms in the Convention Center–it was...


tv: here comes tomorrow…

As a huge fan of The Tomorrow People1 I really want to be excited about this, but it’s on The CW… Looks like it could be cool, but it also looks pretty white, and for a show on that network...


I need a towel… and a cigarette!

I believe that I am quite ready for multiple nerdgasms now. After watching “The Stolen Earth” last night, which I plan to watch again this morning … and probably again after that, I saw that Blizzard announced Diablo III just...


Gives Me Geeky Goose Pimples

It’s no surprise that I’m a geek. I mean really no surprise. And I love me some old-school sci-fi. I have yet to grab the “re-mastered” original series Star Trek yet, which Jack tells me is fantastic. Region 2 be...


No more garlic hummus before bed

I had a very odd dream last night. I was in a church, attending a wedding. People were kinda familiar, kinda not, in that typical dream fashion, but the groom seemed very familiar and I was seated on his side,...


my brain’s broken

I can no longer watch Are You Being Served? without seeing Mr. Lucas as Colonel Masters from "Secret Weapon".


uh.. wow

Just finished “Army of Ghosts” and about to start “Doomsday” — wow.



Wow.. much love to Lennier and all, but Bill Mumy was a WEIRD lookin’ kid, damn!


The best things in life…

Some recent observations… Best things about dating are the little things. I mentioned that my usual flower seller wasn’t out on the block like usual, likely due to the heat. So he comes out of the metro station, with Stargazer...


Real City

More short speculative fiction, today’s is Real City by Carrie Vaughn. It takes a look at a future where everyone’s wired into datalinks, you can know more raw information about someone in the few seconds it takes to cross the...