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I can’t get no.. motivation

It’s a slightly better day today, but it’s clearly a Friday around the office. It’s very quiet at times, but then conversations break out all over the place, most of them concerned with how early it is, how little people...


Behold, the urban geek

After staying home from work today to accept delivery from UPS of my new PC (which they never even called me for, but I ain’t complaining), I made a run to Radio Shack and Starbucks — true urban geekdom. The...


Your rules do not apply here, sweetheart.

Ya gotta love March, especially in DC. The weather is absolutely insane since Spring and Winter start duking it out and generally Spring wins, but only gets to stick around for like 1 week before Summer starts. But more annoyingly,...


Q: How many VHS tapes fit into a paper box?

A: Too damn many! When I got home last night I realized that the DVD/VCR was still plugged into my AV Receiver so I decided I’d get going on the VHS to DVD transfers, but I didn’t realize just how...


Death to Conventional Thinking!

A cute movie where Jobs and Gates duke it out in the iWorld (that annoyingly sterile white world in which all the apple “getamac” commercials take place). Steve Jobs Fights Bill Gates With Light Sabers | Gizmodo


Funhouse camera!

The Daily Mail reports on a new “slimcam” setting on the new HP Photosmart R727 being marketed to women. The ‘slimcam setting’ on the gadget uses high-tech digital trickery to shave a few inches off its subject. Marketed at women,...


Holy Motility, Batman!

I can’t seem to get to the original link mentioned here, but Uneasy Silence reports on someone using the underside of their MacBook to cook an egg. I want one of these things, but I’d like to be able to...


I’m a post-sickness dynamo!

I got Marvin going, and then I managed to get Deep Thought, his 500 gig external drive going again with a few disk repairs! I was afraid I’d lost all my music.. and movies.. and um.. other movies. I think...


Fixed mini and No pics at the mall

I managed to wander out today, very slowly and head over to the Apple Store at Pentagon City to take my mini in for service. I really miss the “good ol days” of Apple support when you could just send...


I’m in love!!!

My new iPod arrived yesterday and it is fabulous. All of what I thought would be technical issues went off without a hitch. The tunes on my external mac-formatted drive were seen by my PC’s iTunes and while they all...