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Dust? Anybody? No?

The TiVo unit now has a name, in honor of Miss Fat Fighters herself, it is now called Marjorie Dawes. Since it seems to think that it knows what’s best for me to watch regardless of what I told it...


same time, next year

Well as birthdays go, this one’s been a doozy and it isn’t even a milestone year (I’ll be seeking therapy for those, I’m sure). I had a nice day off yesterday and dinner last night with Jenifer and Michael was...


my cup runneth over

Ok, so it’s my birthday today, yadda yadda yadda. I haven’t turned into a pumpkin, no grey hairs sprouting up and the portrait in my attic remains just fine. I took the day off work and decide to immerse myself...


Ham Strung

From Snopes: Embarrassments > E-Mail Exchanges > Ham Strung *meow! 😀


The Rigors Of Pet Ownership

Penny Arcade – The Rigors Of Pet Ownership I saw the commercial for this game on the Nintendo DS and it looked sooooo cute, but I’m afraid that today’s PA strip is just what I would become. Jenifer and I...


Hear What I’m Saying?

Hear What I’m Saying? It’s one thing to tut-tut about these situations. But the fact is, all of us who own a cell phone, PDA or digital music player swore we’d never use it in certain ways — and sooner...


who wants a slow weekend, anyway?

Friday: Work, Shopping, Dinner, Drinks Saturday: Shopping, Lunch, Party, Drinks Sunday: Bowling, Shopping, Cooking, Laundry, Chores I’m so used to telling people on Monday that I didn’t do much over the weekend that I have to keep correcting myself, as...


looking for what?

How bad is it that when a spam message comes in with the Subject: women looking for IT!, I immediately wonder how I got on the DC Web Women’s e-mail list? Such. A. Geek.


Buy.com – Secret Movie Sale

Over 150 DVDs under $10 at Buy.com. I see some good titles and some crap ones. Looks like free shipping for $25+ purchase, too.