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Capital Fringe Festival, July 7 – 31, 2016

Hi, meet Fringe next week! Filling the city with non-stop theater, dance, music, visual art and everything in-between, the Capital Fringe Festival will energize and excite audiences this year.


Capital Fringe: The Road to High Street

Another highlight of this year’s Capital Fringe Festival is Andrew Potter’s critically acclaimed show, The Road to High Street: the true, tell-all tale of two unicycle-riding/fire-eating/guitar-playing/rubber chicken-juggling street performers in a one-man, musical, digital storytelling show. Trying saying that five...


Capital Fringe: Dracula… in DC?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any live theater in DC. The last show I saw was “Looped” over 5 years ago, yikes! Not so great for someone who actually was a theater geek himself once upon a time....


theatre: An Evening with Lynda Carter

Rounding out my week of 70s* favorites, Michael and I saw Lynda Carter at the Kennedy Center. It was difficult for my brain to think anything other than “We’re going to see Wonder Woman tonight!!” I’d also forgotten how much...


theatre: Looped at the Lincoln

I can usually count the number of plays I see each year on one finger, but I’m starting to think it’s time to change that. I saw Arena Stage’s “Looped” last night at the Lincoln Theatre with my friend Greg...


geek/theater: One Man Star Wars

Heard last night, if Star Wars has taught us anything it’s: Don’t kiss your sister like that, and Don’t let your father become Darth Vader! I lucked out and snagged Jhim’s +1 ticket to see One Man Star Wars last...


theater: “Without You, I’m Nothing”

Yeah, I don’t buy that for a second. Justin sent me a message on Saturday to let me know he’d snagged me a ticket to see Sandra Bernhard. Sorta for my birthday, sorta because he knew I’d want to see...


Mm-hm, I went there

And it was hilarious! Circumstances let me snag an unused ticket from Michael to see Margaret Cho last night. He’d originally mentioned it to me when he bought them and honestly, I’m not all that big a Cho fan, however...


Prepare ye, the way of the Lord!

Everybody now… Shameless plug time. My friend Michael will be appearing in Godspell this weekend, August 24, 25 and 26 at St. Georges Episcopal Church in Glenn Dale, MD. See his post for full details. In my brief and sporadic...