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geek chic: The Colour Clock

introducing the colour clock. an experimental project that represents the current time as a hexadecimal colour.


ads: every web designer’s dream…

Saw this charming little ad on my way into the office today. You gotta love the Elvis glasses, right? It’s like hipster and kitsch all in… wait, is there a difference between hipster and kitsch? I admit that I am...


I. Am. In. No. Mood.

Remarked by me this morning as I was dealing with a “crisis” around the office: I am having a ‘fat day’. And you do not want to mess with a single gay man in his mid-30s having a ‘fat day’,...


Wouldn’t you like to be a web developer too?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m not a fan of bureaucracy in the workplace. I just want to come in, do my job, turn in my projects and go home. Generally web team projects don’t get the...


Praise the Lord, but dump the Lourdes’

This is the kind of thing that cracks me up, then gives me the ol’ “The world has lost its damn mind” curmudgeon rant. At least the travelers were warned, but did they really think there would be an exception...


I’m expanding!

No, that is not a reference to my waistline, though it just as well could be. My first foray in the world of web presence was a little page hosted on a free UD school account. It was frames, it...

why do I do this to myself?

I am a geek. I am a Fan. I volunteered to help maintain the website for a group/network of gay/lesbian sci-fi fans because, at the time it seemed like a good idea, and I was told that the previous webmaster...


Drag Queens need webmasters

Now we played The Feud last week and got pictures taken and everything, and still no website updates… Maybe Esther needs a web designer.


long apathetic winter days

Taking the entire old website down and putting the new one up is about the most energetic thing I’ve done. I’m not really caring about much else, don’t want to be here at the office, not even finding much fun...