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I seriously need some shopping therapy

I clicked on this sale ad, but then quickly forgot what I’d gone there to buy… fer realz tho, yesterday I headed over to macy*s after work and had the wind completely taken out of my sails. It was a...


You’ll never have a bored day

Another week and I’ll be a New York City boy, for the weekend anyway. I was chatting with David last weekend and he invited me up. He and I are probably close to what would be a perfect couple, with...


I need a montage!

Andrea: My personal life is hanging by a thread, that’s all. Nigel: Well.. join the club, that’s what happens when you start doing well at work, darling. Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means...


Eat just fruit, drink just wine.

“In three weeks time, I want to be on the cusp of organ failure…” — Edwina Monsoon Yeah, it’s time to seriously diet* again, I’m tipping near 200 lbs on the scale and my clothes are fitting, but in a...



Runny nose, head feels like its underwater, sore throat, generally cranky and ravenous… yep, I think I’m sick. I was hoping that it was just seasonal allergies from the onset of fall, but I may have to give up the...


Funhouse camera!

The Daily Mail reports on a new “slimcam” setting on the new HP Photosmart R727 being marketed to women. The ‘slimcam setting’ on the gadget uses high-tech digital trickery to shave a few inches off its subject. Marketed at women,...


no one wants to eat just one

From The Seattle Times food & wine section, Think twice before you nibble on “just one” When talking to people who are trying to lose weight, I often come across the “dieter’s paradox”: They “hardly eat anything,” but they still...


The Fundamentals

Ok, Pet Shop Boys tickets are ordered. I thought I was done with concerts for a while, but it seems like the past year or two is my chance to catch people in concert that I couldn’t afford or reach...


Wait… is that some kinda fat joke?

Girl: Jimmy was trying to set him up with you, but I told him that you don’t date outside your BMI. –R train From Overheard in New York’s Wednesday One Liners


ow.. ow.. ow..

Oh I could just kiss Moose for suggesting that I do my exercise rides in the morning before work. Yep, kiss him until he just can’t breathe anymore! 😀 Oh, wait, did I say kiss.. I meant kill. Ow, ow,...