do you remember

I’m not sure this holiday (which I’m fairly sure is today) gets as much attention as it used to… Has the ‘popularity’ of token gay characters and tv series blinded us to the fact that there are still people out there with some hurdles (internal and external) to get over. Our Pride parades tend to forget that small group of youths that usually drive in from another state, so no one will recognize them, and are confronted with the proud? images of shirtless men and drag queens on floats. I think it’s time we toned it down, and stopped trying to be so outrageous just ‘cos that’s what’s expected of us. Would any of the gay or lesbian characters on tv be that interesting if they held down standard 9 to 5 jobs, weren’t snippy and sarcastic, and didn’t sleep with everything that moves? Doubtful.

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