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I love gadgetry.. if I were offered the chance to be a spy in Fleming’s universe, I’d be working for Q branch, but want the “00” status so I could get out in the field and use the gadgets to kill people with impunity.. and immunity.. I think they mean the same thing in that context.
Over the weekend, I bought one of the new Gillette M3Power razors. I’ve been a fan of Gillette for a while and I figured, what the hell, it was on sale for approximately $10 after rebates and sales. If I hate it, I’ll stop, and if it tears up my face, I’ll sue.
I normally hate shaving, since if I lapse for too long, it will be a pain and a long drawn out process of moisturizers and hot washcloths and occasionally pre-clipping with a barber’s clippers before shaving. This morning I’d already started the shower and thought I’d give it a shot. It was the fastest and cleanest shave I’ve ever had with a disposable-blade razor.
After checking out the site, it seems that they’re well aware of the possible c
onfusion of M3Power with an MP3 Player so they’re giving away 3 free MusicNow Downloads. I signed up, but don’t know if I’ll take advantage of it, especially if I have to download a new program to do it. But hey, it’s free, legally free, music. 🙂

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