mean for the sake of mean

I wish I could say that I had a great time at bowling last night, that even though my leg was sore, I bowled ok and didn’t cause myself too much pain and that otherwise the evening went smoothly. I can’t. To condense a medium sized story, one of the bowlers has problems with Jenifer as Vice President and is looking to have her removed from office. This man is an insufferable jerk that has shown Jenifer and others nothing but rudeness and lack of respect since I’ve been aware of him. He ran against Jenifer for the VP slot, and he and the 3rd candidate both garnered so few votes between them that there wasn’t even a need for a second round of voting.

Last night, Jenifer forgot the key to the locker that holds our weekly raffle money and tickets, the first time she’s made such a mistake, and this guy decided that he would get pissy about it all. He got in her face, was rude to her and when she decided not to sink to his level and try to be polite and diffuse things, he told her she was “piss poor.” I saw the encounter happen and I heard the way he spoke to her and frankly, no one in a “social” and “fun” league (which the officers keep saying we are) should have to put up with such petulant behavior over the weekly raffle being potentially postponed for a week.

And because my guard was up, awaiting further trouble from this guy, I got concerned when I saw him going to other teams where his cronies played, carrying around a sheet of paper, and collecting signatures. He was circulating a letter to the Prez of the league to have Jenifer removed as VP. This of course, made us all very upset, especially Jenifer, it totally threw off her game and ours. This asshole is walking around all evening talking to others and pointing at our table, and the absolute worse part is that the other officers are allowing this to happen when it probably could have been diffused with some ego stroking. I strongly suspect that these old fags are looking forward to the drama. Our president’s always made it seem as if whichever position is occupied by a woman is mostly a token position as we have to present a mixed cabinet. He comes across as such a misogynist control freak bastard regardless.

According to the by-laws, the charges/offenses are written up, presented to the prez, then the officer in question is presented with a copy and the following week it goes to a vote of the team captains. I read the formal letter given to Jenifer, and obviously this asshat is telling a very different version of events that make her seem like she must have grown horns, spit fire, went for his jugular and then dissed his mama just for fun. So next Monday, there will be a team captains meeting (I believe there was going to be one anyway) and when its over, one or the other of them is going to be humiliated for the evening and possibly the rest of the season.

I didn’t have fun last night, I doubt I’ll have too much fun on Monday or for the remaining weeks of bowling. If it were closer to the start, I’d say we should just move on, get our money back and find another local league (there are a few others), but we’re 1/2 way in now and this makes me all the more determined to try and bowl our damndest and take back as much money as possible from the prize fund. Then we can decide if we’re going to stay or go. The way I feel right now, I don’t want to deal with this league ever again. I can’t imagine how Jenifer must feel. I have a copy of the letter she wrote to the officers, she’ll be taking the high road next week and not trying to start a he-said/she-said, but instead asking the team captains to vote their conscience based on their own experiences with her. I know she’s done a good job, and so do most others, but when acid tongued faggots start talking one never knows what will happen.

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