times are still good

I’m still workin on the highs and lows of the beach vacation post, but since returning things are getting back to normal, but Jenifer and I are both eking out as much of the “beach feel” as we can. As we both showed up to dinner last night in shorts and sandals and late last night she massacred a pineapple for a snack.

I’ve unpacked, thankfully there was a washer at the beach so most everything came back clean, though I may have a slight skin irritation from the detergent used, or it’s the beach air… or maybe tiny airborne bits of jellyfish violently attacked me while I slept. *ew*

We had dinner at Tonic last night, we had their happy hour drink and $5 burger specials and chatted about various things, mostly how busy we seem to have been since returning. I definitely like enjoying a low-key drink and bite at Tonic, I’ll have to nab some local people and have a meal there sometime.

I’ve been playing City of Heroes and got my character up a few levels in a few days by teaming up, so my fire tanker is now level 43. There are some proposed changes currently on the Test Server and they’re driving people into drama-fueled posts about how their powers are being nerfed (made useless) and how this will ruin the game for them and how they’re leaving. Note: This happens nearly every time an update is scheduled.

It reminds me of the “when they came for ___, I said nothing and when they came for me…” thing. A lot of players, instead of playing all types of different powersets are sticking to just one type because they like it.. nothing wrong with that. But if someone else’s character archetype has a drastic change or reduction in effectiveness to their powers, the others sit back and say nothing about it since it doesn’t affect them, without thinking that some day the pendulum is going to shift in the other direction. And when the day comes, it’s all *sigh* and “so much for this game” and “I guess I’ll find something new to play” – but 6 months later they’re still around. After all, what fun would life be if we didn’t have something to complain about?

PS: my in game Global Chat handle is @urbanBohemian if anyone wants to send me a hello. My most played characters are on Triumph, but I can always be tempted to start up something on another server if you want to team up. 🙂 Just “PL ME PLZ DOOD” so I can keep up. *grin*

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  1. July 23, 2005

    Still Good

    Maintaining the beach kharma when you return from a beach vacation doesn’t sound that hard….

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