Monthly Archive: February 2006



Just a thought passing through my head. In browsing livejournal and other blogs lately I’ve seen people using words that many would consider objectionable. I’m not talking about dropping f-bombs, but words that are generally used to single out a...


Camera Lost. Camera Regained… sorta.

And from the files of “People Suck,” the blogspot user lostcamera managed to find and contact the people that found her digital camera, lost on her first trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, they’re being assholes about actually returning the camera.


Consumer’s Report

I should take steps to block all retail websites from my home and work computers. I have spent a metric assload of money these past few weeks. I can justify it as stuff that I need, but it’s really stuff...


You do NOT kidnap Oprah!

While I still feel it drops too many N-bombs for a target demographic audience that is not primarily black, The Boondocks does have its moments. Like the following: Don’t go up against Huey, he’s got serious Kung Fu.


The Compact

A small group of Bay Area residents who made an informal vow to not buy anything new in 2006 have found themselves in the middle of an international fury over consumerism, ecology and middle-class hypocrisy that has spread around the...


At least she tried

Jenifer, bless her heart, tried to set me up tonight, and even though it didn’t go well, in my opinion, I really appreciate it. One of my uberlist items last year was to let a friend set me up on...


Meat on the Brain

Seriously.. the Five Guys burger I had must have made its way back up and is making itself quite at home in my skull. I’m still feeling the effects, I smell like burgers (ok this isn’t a bad thing, but...


“You in danger, girl.”

Amazon Women on the Moon predicted it: (Name Here) Is a Liar and a Cheat. “It’s like a dating credit report” for women. – someone totally needs to develop iTrick into a full fledged website.


Fun With Words!

The Onion Magnetic Headline Kit – I would totally buy this, but I have no magnetic appliance surfaces in my kitchen. 🙁