All hail the impulse buy!

Umbra Glide Shower Ring

We have all seen rings with rollers on the outside, but Glide Shower Curtain Rings slide effortlessly on cleverly concealed ball bearings. Your modern bathroom will retain a clean modern look.

With copy like that, how could I resist?! I feel like Edina in “Door Handle” – the design of any room can be perfect, but starts from the tiniest element. Now I already love my bathroom just fine, but the shower rings are getting on my nerves as they don’t want to play nice with the bar. And replacing the bar with a better one isn’t an option. While I’m sure the unit owner would appreciate it, I wouldn’t be paid back for the effort. Plus the gadget geek in me wants to try out the next new “thing”. The rings may be utter crap tho.

The best part is I bought them from a home/design store in Philly and while I don’t recall asking for next day shipping (nor did I pay for it), the package should arrive at my office today!

It’s the little things…

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