The Last Stand… or is it?

Had a wonderful time last night at Richard’s cocktail party, also seemed to start off my “Hey don’t I know you from somewhere?” weekend as two people I’d met before, ended up being guests at the soiree. It was a nice time, the cosmos flowing a little too freely, “You look thirsty” being our host’s catch phrase of the night. As usual it was a good bunch of people and it’s always nice to get out of the house now and again. Dwight, bless his heart, walked back to my place with me. I was fine to do it alone, but apparently he’s never ridden the bus (I’m not sure I believe that) and he’s not shy of walking so it seemed easier for him to get home that way rather than take a DC grifty cab. I got in, maybe spent a little time dealing with e-mail and promptly passed right out.

I do love having a day off, you get up and it’s so much more relaxed. You can walk down the block and get a bagel and coffee and not worry about it having to all be done before 7 am to get to the office. Instead I was able to sleep in.. more or less, there seemed to be some kind of emergency going on so there were lots of siren vehicles up 16th. Still I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and any weekday you can say that (when you’re employed) is a win in my book.

I met up with Jenifer around noon for the X-Men flick and ended up running into someone I haven’t seen in a LONG while, Doug who also went at one time by the name Brent. We stopped hanging out a long while ago as he’d found love and as a couple they sorta pulled away from the rest of the world, appearing long enough to give the details on the latest drama, etc. Today was no different as he had no problem sharing with Jenifer, who he’d just met, some personal issues that generally aren’t the first thing you expect someone new to share with you, but it’s always nice to see familiar faces.

The flim is okie-dokie!X-Men: The Last Stand was definitely entertaining. They went down some paths I wasn’t expecting and went some places that were pretty cool. Definitely stay in your seats after the credits. I’m not going to say anything about the movie yet since I’m sure a good many people may not make it out to see it until tonight or later this weekend, but I can’t wait to hear the impressions of others about the movie. It definitely felt a lot less cerebral than the first two, going more for action sequences instead of giving you time to think about things, and it had some great moments for the comic-book fans. And Kelsey Grammer, I am impressed.

Plus the trailers before the film were great, “Superman Returns,” (now I understand the eyeball thing people are talking about) “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” “Ghost Rider” (I hadn’t even heard this was in the works, looks good) and then something to crack up the entire house… “Snakes on a Plane.”

Unfortunately I think I’ve had a reaction to something ‘cos I have a megaheadache now and might grab a little catnap or two.

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