Somebody’s got a case of the — oh shut up!

A Case of the MondaysSo far this morning I have yet to see a sign that I shouldn’t have stayed in bed and perhaps caught up on TV, especially Torchwood. My computer locked up, my iPod locked up, there was no hot water well past the normal amount of time and I needed to shave because the face was beyond the sexy-scruffy point, my only option for a pressed shirt was one that had been starched to within an inch of its life, so everytime I move creates a new crease and to top it all off when I get to the metro faregate my SmarTrip card doesn’t work! The humorless WMATA employee rubbed it over and over at her computer a few times before handing it back saying only “It’s not reading,” and turning to another customer with insufficient fare on a paper card to exit the station. I ask her, rather politely I think considering I was running late, what that means and she sighs the standard sigh of D.C. Customer/Civil Service and tells me, as if I’m now wasting her time, that I have to go to Metro Center to get it replaced, assuming I registered it in the first place. (a “quick” call to WMATA confirmed that I did register it those many moons ago)

So far the only good thing today is that I’m wearing my new coat, and it feels great! Now I think I need a scarf and a hat. Shaving the head as winter approaches, real smart Brian.

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