They forgot to put the bones in my arms…

Does this cheese anyone else off? You’re approaching a set of manually-operated double doors. Someone else is approaching them from the other side. (I personally walk as I drive, so I automatically go for the right-hand door) As you open the door to enter, they take this as an indicator that you’ve opened the door for them. They completely ignore the remaining door that they could just as easily open, allowing the both of you to gain entry or exit. It’s even worse when it’s a group that walks right on through the door you’ve opened, most likely chatting among themselves, and they don’t even acknowledge or thank you. What the hell, people?!

Last night was pretty productive. I got home and cleaned up the kitchen, which usually means rotating dishwasher loads, but also had to finish cleaning the roasting pan and replace appliances. I am so in need of a new knife rack, and new knives! Perhaps I need to get that knife block that’s nothing more than a box filled with skewers or find someone to make one for me. 🙂 I started installing Adobe CS3 on the Vista machine, much less painful than I thought it might be at least until I remembered that I should probably remove Photoshop CS2, and then I forgot to not install Acrobat again, so that caused some issues too. Fortunately while most of this was happening, I was catching up on last year’s episodes of “The Closer” since last night was the season premiere and I figured I could knock out at least 3 episodes towards it and be completely caught up by the end of the week. The computer install was handled during commercial and TiVo pause breaks and everything seemed just fine after a reboot this morning.

Tonight is a hard hat walk-through of a new development going up near Prince George’s Plaza with Gregory. Hopefully the temperature will calm down a bit this evening or it’s gonna be a nasty night out. I hope we’re not expected to dress up at all for it. I can handle the heat, I’m just not fond of sweating up my nice clothes. DC Summer has fully asserted itself, multiple days in the 90s this week and just the two block walk to the metro or to my office door is giving my dress shirts those barely-damp crinkles that don’t go away when they dry.

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3 Responses

  1. Murphy says:

    With regard to door protocol…I am very southern, and I don’t think twice about holding a door for someone, especially a lady. Ladies seldom forget to offer thanks when I do so. Gentlemen seldom forget either, but some men apparently think I’m on staff at the building and I’m to be treated as an invisible servant. That pisses me off. I always say “you’re welcome” particularly loud to those who can’t be bothered to say thanks.

    I guess I have a low tolerance for rudeness in general.

    • Brian says:

      I grew up in the South, so I do often hold doors open for women, and men too (especially if they’re cute). But there are those moments when I’ll reach the door at the same time as someone else, and it seems in that split-second the other person decides, “Nah, I’ll let them open it for me.” So annoying.

  2. Fredo says:

    I find the door thing particularly annoying when I go to Borders by my office. The only way in or out of there is the double set of double doors and even when I have hands full of purchases, people still think I’m holding the door for them. Um, hello!! Person carrying the most stuff has the right of way!

    Oh, and that knife block totally kicks ass. I want to make one now.

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