Praise the Lord, but dump the Lourdes’

This is the kind of thing that cracks me up, then gives me the ol’ “The world has lost its damn mind” curmudgeon rant. At least the travelers were warned, but did they really think there would be an exception for them? I do think it’s kinda cool that the Vatican is chartering a plane for travel groups tho.

The passengers on board the Vatican’s first flight to Lourdes may have been pilgrims in search of spiritual healing, but they still had to obey anti-terrorism rules, it has emerged, after several of them had their holy water confiscated.

It looks to be a fairly quiet day, thankfully. Just work work work until I leave a little early. I completely forgot that we have a holiday weekend. I also completely forgot to have the bank send my rent check, so I’ll have to swing by the offices this afternoon myself to drop one off. It felt so charming to write a check again, it’s been so long since I had to do it! Heck, it took me long enough to just find my checkbook last night. I would have just gone to the bank for a check, but Fridays are usually long line days in my neighborhood. To keep the old school theme going, I also created a favicon.ico for my current theme’s directory. It’s nothing special, but better than a blank slate.

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