Bloody noses all ’round!

I was in line in the Starbucks this morning and the guy behind me says to his friend, “Yeah, they moved me from a cube to an office so they can build our team more offices.” — and I wanted to haul off and punch him.

I’m now in the office and there is still a debate raging from the loud and obnoxious group behind me on the all-important topic of whether the shirt some guy is wearing today is pink… or salmon. I wanna punch them all, too.

Y’know, I’m not iPhone gaga, but I would love to work in an office where my phone actually got some kind of cellular signal and had good access to wifi. Some days, just that feels like enough to resign over.

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  1. Stuff like that makes me miss the old team, because we could talk sh@t about them all day long…or at least during a Starbucks run. Hold in there…or get out, either way 😉

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