Don’t be Trashy

Express recycling ad

This ad disturbs me. I mean I get it, recycle and all, but something about the freaky Nicholas Cage “I’m gonna mess you up” looking model dressed like Karim Rashid is just weird! It would probably help if the ad made a more distinct break between putting your express paper in the recycling bin instead of the trash. When heading home the other afternoon, the man in front of my was in too much of a hurry to fit his paper into the slot of the recycling bin. He shoved once or twice, but the paper was facing the wrong way and kept resisting. So he gave up and tossed it into the trash bin right next door. I can understand why the slots are narrower on the recycling bins, it keeps people from throwing (much) trash in them, but more often I see people not even bothering because when one is in “commuting mode” the brain usually can’t process taking a few seconds to be good to Mother Earth. I’ve never seen what WMATA does with the paper from the recycling bins, so they might just toss it in with the rest of the trash.

Oddly enough, I was really interested in reading about the oyster restoration project. However on second glance, they put a little story about it in the mini-margin news at the top of the page. Still I wonder how many letters they’ll get from people that don’t actually care about the crime but that the paper printed the wrong story. I admit that I’ve written a letter to the editor myself once, but sometimes the letters I read make me think, “y’all have too much time on your hands.”

Of course I also think the same thing when I read most blogs’ comment sections. 🙂

And I’m sure most others also think that when they read my entries. 😛

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