Gentrification conspiracy!

New Potbelly for Columbia Heights

The most insidious part of gentrification’s plan: to get my ass huge and complacent so I’ll be ripe for the slaughter when the aliens come to feast on tender human steaks, with just the right amount of marbled fat.

I have to admit that out of all the things coming soon, even the Five Guys, seeing a Potbelly come in is the most exciting for me. Seeing the applicants lined up yesterday to work there didn’t fill me with much enthusiasm, one girl was still on her cell phone while talking to the interviewer. But that little corridor of Irving between 14th and 16th keeps coming up with little surprises every day.

Hm, the complacency part is definitely working… food bribery helps!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh, dear. One of those opened up at 12th and Walnut or 12th and Chestnut recently. Apparently their customer service groove is to be so friendly that it frightens you into surrendering your wallet immediately.

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