“I’m not here to make friends”

From fourfour comes this great video montage which explains exactly why reality show addiction is a total deal-breaker for me:

Turns out another non-star feels the same way [NSFW/Autoplay] — sort of. Actually Chris’ take on it is one of the biggest problems I’ve found with dating. The statement “I have enough friends,” is thrown around all too often if people don’t work out as instant soulmates.

Love the video and while I still won’t watch the shows, I wonder what other memes run across all of them.

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7 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    Both those videos make me want to vomit.
    Through my eyes.
    I’ve been known to watch a reality show or two, but with only 15 channels to choose from, it’s pretty damn limited, and I’m easily distracted by boobies, so there you go.

    I would say “Just say no”, but I figure there are already millions of morons saying “Yes” to these shows that it just wouldn’t matter 🙂

  2. Lolypup says:

    Thank GOD its not captioned!

  3. shindo says:

    Admittedly, this is my open guilty pleasure. Why else do I post about Project Runway and some others. However, this video is almost enough to make me give up reality shows for Lent (too late for that in the year) or something else.

    Most of these reality programs are essentially live-in game shows with a huge dash of desperation. The competitive nature of the programs is bound to create the “I’m not there to make friends” mentality. People want that cash, job, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, even if the prize is questionable (e.g. Tila Tequila as GF/BFF). The results are often a trainwreck.

  4. Brian says:

    @William Mize: No one will hate you for watching, the force of culture dictates that these shows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    @Lolypup: I figured there’s really no point.

    @shindo: I agree in-part because they are game shows and people are there to win first and foremost. Personally I hate competition reality whether it’s Survivor, ANTM or even Food Network Challenge. However if a contestant “Came On Down” on The Price is Right or appeared on Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune with the same attitude, they’d be vilified, even though the point of it is the same, just with a smaller time format. Why do we demand smiles from one and applaud backstabbing in another?

  5. kyle says:

    Actually, these reality shows are more like jobs than games, IMHO. And I may need to be sweet at work to get certain results – even if it is just keeping the job – but I am not here to make friends, and you don’t see me doing happy hour, or even lunch for that matter, with my co-workers. The “reality” show is a hyperinflated version of many people’s workday.

  6. shindo says:

    Price is Right is like a nice game of tennis. The reality shows are more like the gladiator ring.

    Sports analogies aside, Price is Right isn’t about drama. The ruthless girl on Tyra’s show or that ultra-bitchy fashion designer on PR or even the over-self-exposing islander on Survivor is guaranteed to provide dramatic moments and keep viewers hooked. They’re the new soaps.

  7. Brian says:

    @kyle: I walked into work with just that very attitude today… minus the sweetness. I think it works for me. 😉

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