I didn’t know there was a pairs event, too!

As much as I don’t care for most commercials, I have been catching more of them, or at least hearing more of them when I watch live tv since I’ve gotten up to go to another room. My main beef about commercials is that when I watch live or recorded tv on some cable networks, I see the same commercials over and over, sometimes twice in a break or even back-to-back. Like I get it, at the very least try to sell me something different, ok?

I heard this ad while cooking in the other room and ended up seeing it when I played “The Simpsons” back later on and it was worth sharing. I think we’ve all had these kind of elevator incidents, tho perhaps more often on our own than shared with someone else.

[flv:elevator_music.flv 496 360]

Hm, remind me to keep Rihanna on my On-The-Go playlists — I have a few co-workers, I wouldn’t mind booty slapping in the elevator… but very few. 😉 And I’m glad to see Jerry O’Connell’s still looking good these days. I don’t know if I’ll be into the show or not, I’ve seen too many hotel staff comedies crash and burn, but it’s on FOX. They’ve at least got the money to leave it on the air and use it for time slotting other shows.

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  1. shindo says:

    Life after Sliders for sure. Not that he’s really gone away, but at least he doesn’t have to worry about which universe he’ll be in every week.

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