Every day’s the 4th of July…

Celebrate Navy Day!

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! Happy National Coming Out Day everyone. It’s also Navy Day in DC… coincidence? You be the judge.

Up too early today, but it’s not really a bad thing. I made it out to the grocery store with my granny cart and a very long list and stocked up for a while. For some reason they had a lot of items marked down, so I spent a bit, but got a lot too. I could feel my morning wake’y leaving me though, and made it home just in time to get the groceries are put away and settled before I had another crash on the couch.

For some reason, I am not feeling quite as get up and go social as I hoped I would today. I said that I might join Kyle for TNG Day at the Beach, but the mood I’m in might not be suitable for unfamiliar people. I’m not quite anti-social, but feeling more of a slave to my introvert side today. I do want to get out and do more events, but for some reason today doesn’t feel like the day.

I do need to be somewhat productive this weekend, however. I don’t know if it’s full-on Fall Cleaning time, but I really have got to toss some more stuff out. It’s been a process and I accept that, but it seems like more evenings I come home and sit on my ass instead of tossing stuff out on its ass. I have a good deal of kitchen stuff that I never use and really isn’t worth selling, so it’s just gotta go. Plus it’s Fall, that means time to bake and really make use of the kitchen, so the more space available to me, the better. This weekend might see a sweet potato pie emerge from the oven. It’s been a while and I need to be sure that I have a good recipe before the holidays start, since pie is always a welcome option for “What can I bring?”

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  1. Yes we are hosting thanksgiving at our place this year for friends so I have about a billion recipes I need to test out. Oy.

  2. sean808080 says:

    thanks for exhausting me…just reading this made me woozy and need to lay down.



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