Look at all the pretty colors!

I’ve been in and out of meetings, dealing with issues, haven’t even gotten to read express, do the sudoku, read my feeds, nada. I already woke up with nothing to write about and I haven’t seen anything prompting me to write, however…

I really like my dual-monitor wallpaper at the office:

I thought I’d been doing too many webpages when I was able to look at basic colors and know the color codes for them. When I was able to start doing it with Pantone, I knew I was a lost cause. I’ve also always had a fondness for sample paint cards. Something about people staring at a range of color, even though it only varies by the barest hint of a shade in either direction and know they wanted that one out of all the others. And don’t get me started on the color matching machine, I could have watched Home Depot match colors all day long. I never did see anyone really bring in a football though, mostly clothing and paintings and magazine pictures.

Also, Happy Birthday Michael! I remember when I was your age. Seems like only yesterday. In fact, it was yesterday… yeah, that’s it. :mrgreen:

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