bloggers: I wanna dip my balls in it!

If you don’t know where the title comes from, you really need to educate yourself*.

Today is just one of those days at the office that’s just… well I was telling Michael that I need to come up a phrase for my BGA’s version of “going postal”. COB is going right to number one on the list: Office Words and Phrases that Will Make Me Want to Disembowel You**. So instead, I’m jumping on the DC Blogger train and posting about The Bloggerational Ball of 2009.

Bloggerational Ball of 2009

Imagined, envisioned, arranged and executed by the hoopy froods behind Live It, Love It, Restaurant Refugee and Who Invented Roses? I haven’t decided if I’m going to do anything more than stock up on food and booze and hibernate for that whole week/end, but this does sound like a good time and I won’t have to go across any blocked off streets to get there. Still, hors d’oeuvres, champagne, subsidized drink prices? Sounds like it’ll be a pretty good time if I’m not confirmed on any other plans before they run out of tickets.


* About barely-remembered, barely-distributed MTV sketch comedy shows from the mid-90’s. How about Liquid Television or Remote Control, anyone remember those? …anyone? 😎

** I don’t actually mind the phrase COB, but I feel that it’s rude to use it with less than 72 hours notice without first explaining or apologizing that it’s your bad, not my bad that you need whatever it is so quickly.

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3 Responses

  1. lacochran says:

    OO, come! You can even bring non-bloggy types!

    latest entry: Best Ticket in Town

  2. LiLu says:

    Aw, thanks for the shout out, darlin! Hope to see you there…

    latest entry: This Didn’t Happen.

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