earth day: the green monster

ad for earth brand footwear

Is everyone learning a lot about how to be more green this week and especially today? Good. Will anyone other than the more socially conscious remember anything next week? Probably not. My BGA is putting on their dog & pony show this week and I’m sure many others are doing the same. To be honest, it’s getting a bit out of hand. Recycling bins appear out of nowhere, the cafeteria announces all sorts of green initiatives, we have a lot of companies that offer green and organic products showcasing their wares all week.*

I know it’s for a good cause, but it all feels a bit forced. Earth Day, Week…–are we up to Earth Month yet?–is always a time the same education that anyone can avail themselves of year-round, but it’s also a good time for eco-stroking and most importantly, green guilt trips. Everyone pays attention to their usage, everyone feels bad, everyone runs out and buys the right light bulbs, etc. I know it’s all for the good, but it feels like it never lasts beyond a week or so past Earth Day.

inset from the earth brand shoe ad promising you will burn four times more fan than when wearing ordinary shoes

The above ad from today’s Express caught my eye this morning and I remembered it when Bill mentioned that he wore Earth shoes in the ’70s. I’m guessing that the Earth doesn’t have lawyers concerned with the integrity of its image and brand. But even more notable–to my overweight & insecure ass–was the claim of burning four times more fat than “ordinary” shoes. The footnote at the bottom of the ad refers to the sale, not the claim. Checking their website reveals this:

Earth footwear can give you all the calorie-burning effects of an inclined treadmill without having to go to the gym. Found in every style, our patented Kalsø® Negative Heel Technology® positions your toes 3.7° higher than your heels – helping to tone, firm, and strengthen your body.

Now I’m kinda tempted to visit a location and try them on. Is there such a thing as a green secret shopper?

All cynicism aside**, I hope everyone’s awareness has been raised even a tiny bit today about maybe that one more change they could make to see that we’re less of a burden on the planet for a bit longer. Y’all saw The Happening, do you really want that!?*** :mrgreen:

* The array of foods and products is quite impressive until someone asks where we can find them. The response? “Well, we’re just mail order right now.” Because I really want to sit at work while a freezer-pack full of organic chicken slowly comes to temperature on my doorstep.

** Many of you probably realize just how difficult that is for me.

*** Seriously, the punishment for blatant ecological offenders should be having to watch that film Clockwork Orange style while wearing a Captain Planet costume, blue make-up and all.

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Ooh, I had earth shoes. I wore them to high school my sophomore year. Of course, the disastrous positioning of my knees when I walked sort of counteracted any benefit the shoes provided.

    As for Earth Day Рevery f@ۤing day is Earth Day, to my thinking. Recycle, turn off more lights, and eat less harmful foods. Behave!

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  2. Mike Licht says:

    Earth Day 2009: our long global cow flatulence nightmare is over.


  3. Lolypup says:

    Why should I feel guilty, the whole dooms day scenario is a huge myth propaganda. Of course we should be more responsible about waste and consumption, that is common sense. But this propaganda machine is much of the same thing, its like every other American holiday, Easter and Halloween spend your money on candy, Christmas spend your money on everything, but green day, well by golly spend your money on GREEN products.

  4. shindo says:

    The trouble is Green is the new consumption. Add Green to a product and it’s a selling point. In a crazy economy like right now, isn’t the best thing to do right now is to create a sustainable lifestyle, which might mean spending less?

    I have to admit, I love the touch about Earth shoes claim about 4x fatburning power. 4x the $ spent to make good on the promise.

    latest entry: Life After Earth Day

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