logos: Rick would be so proud

This story made my morning, mainly for two reasons. The first is that it’s never too early to be able to make a The Young Ones reference, and second is one of the featured quotes in the article.

Comparison between the Government Accountability Board symbol and the Anarchy symbol. Both share the letter a with the cross bar extended across both sides.

From the Milwaukee, WI Journal Sentinel: State agency’s new logo has an anarchist ring to it. The state’s Government Accountability Board commissioned a new logo that many say bears a striking resemblance to the symbol for anarchy.

Yeah… it kinda does.

[Kevin Kennedy, the board’s director] said he first became aware of the similarity when a board employee mentioned it as they reviewed drafts of the design.

“I think there are significant differences” between the designs, Kennedy said.

The design firm didn’t return a call.

The quotes are the best. They didn’t interview just any ol’ Madisonian*, they found a record store owner, a volunteer from a collective that distributes anarchist literature and the owner of a now-closed café that featured the anarchy logo on its sign**:

“I think it’s a strange choice for them. […] Irony is an overused word, but that’s somewhat ironic in this case,” said [café owner Warwick] Seay, who goes by the name Warlock.

I suspect there’s a journalist drinking game or a scavenger hunt of sorts about finding people with certain names, professions, etc. to get a quote from. I’m betting “Warlock” is worth quite a bit!

* Or Madisonite, depending on where you look.

** Choosing to go with “experts” on the anarchy symbol, as I’m sure the average person on the street wouldn’t have a clue.

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