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You think you can Irish up this coffee for me?

I still found it kinda hard to get moving this morning, but once the old routine snapped back into position it was like nothing had changed. The same people on the metro, same people in the Starbucks line. One advantage...


museums: a cool tranquil color

I haven’t been to the Textile Museum in a long while. The last time I was there was to see an exhibit of African/-American quilts with an ex. It was pretty spontaneous, as I never even knew it existed before....


All this fuss over a number!

Even though I had to sort of set aside today to take care of some chores and business, I am actually enjoying my time off. The staycation, so far, is a success. The main errand from today, however, was a...


I. Am. In. No. Mood.

Remarked by me this morning as I was dealing with a “crisis” around the office: I am having a ‘fat day’. And you do not want to mess with a single gay man in his mid-30s having a ‘fat day’,...


video: 430 Crucial Voting Blocks

With The Onion delivering a weekly paper to the DC area, I often forget to check the online site these days, but I subscribed to the TiVo-provided podcast and still get their videos. I usually talk politics with Michael and...


on the subject of bloggers and commenters

I don’t watch “Root of All Evil” and have no plans to start, but I might have to keep catching the good snippets online. In general I’m noticing that a lot of the “bigger” blogs are starting to have more...


and time… is still marching on

Oh yeah, it’s that time of year. That explains my mood perfectly! It’s about a month before my birthday and it seems like no matter how carefree I may or may not have been all year, for the next 30...


lol: iz made of choclat?

From the deadline USA blog at The Guardian comes LOL Bush. A LOL Cats inspired look at some photos taken during President Bush’s visit to the Olympic Games.