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Heat: 1, Brian: 0

I give up, the heat wins. Finally on Monday I gave up the war versus a/c and turned it on, not very high or for very long, just until I was no longer breaking a sweat just standing still. And...


All hail the impulse buy!

We have all seen rings with rollers on the outside, but Glide Shower Curtain Rings slide effortlessly on cleverly concealed ball bearings. Your modern bathroom will retain a clean modern look. With copy like that, how could I resist?! I...


Design vs. Content

This is the trap I usually fall into when I’m changing the look of my websites, I get so focused in design and how things should look that I totally forget to continue creating content, which for this site is...


botched facelift

Ok, the page looks different, I know. I’m in the process of making changes, and the blogger was first on the list. The links will work eventually.


turn, turn, turn

So I’m gonna try a new look for the Millennium, yes the real one.. The beginnings of which are here. It’ll be rough while the changes happen, but hopefully we can all make it through!


home again, home again, yadda yadda yadda

So I’m back, I tried to see if Edwin wanted to spend some time together, but I suppose he just didn’t feel like it. Or something. I’m a little annoyed actually. We IMd today and I asked if he wanted...



This is the last time I take a silly Flash challenge from Shawn.. well ok, probably not. It’s not perfect, it can be crashed. Well no, not crashed, but let’s just say it isn’t foolproof just yet. But I’m learning!