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no one wants to eat just one

From The Seattle Times food & wine section, Think twice before you nibble on “just one” When talking to people who are trying to lose weight, I often come across the “dieter’s paradox”: They “hardly eat anything,” but they still...



Frappucinos at Starbucks that aren’t calorie explosions! How do the new summer Starbucks blends stack up? | Slashfood


It’s all clear to me now

I finally understand how people lost weight eating Lean Pockets! After you make them according to the packet’s directions and give it the recommended time to cool off, plus a little more time for good measure, you start eating it....



Feeling a bit myself again, listening to Donald Fagen, The Nightfly and sipping peppermint tea. I really need to get more of this ‘cos it wakes me up, gives me that warm sweet feeling I like to have in the...