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Celebrating my Labor

I did it just like anyone else would, with lots and lots of shopping! I was good this morning, I got up early and took a good long walk through the zoo. The scenery may be the same, but it...


Ok, perhaps that was a bit too much food

But oh so good. One of the best things about overeating at brunch is bringing home leftovers that you can heat up that night. In the oven no less! We hit Clyde’s and polished off: a dozen oysters, brioche french...


Gentlemen… start your Swiffers!

There is much cleaning in progress at the bohemian’s bo-home-ian. I risked serious slip and fall injuries as well as brain damage from fumes to clean out my shower from top to bottom and to make my sink so clean...


I need to get a decent video camera

The guys over at Penny Arcade said it best, playing Wii Sports can be a workout. I needed something to give myself a chuckle when I got home. I made it here well before my grocery delivery, scheduled from 5...


Bowling nightmares

All those warnings on the Wii about making sure nothing’s around you and taking a break are well warranted. I haven’t hurt myself yet, but I’ve had a few close calls with nearby objects in the living room. I didn’t...


Satisfied and Filthy

Much like pity sex or the “I relent, already!” hookup, playing Stepmania always leaves me sweaty, satisfied… and a little humiliated. But it’s oh so much fun.


Hunter becomes the hunted

Well the workshop wasn’t all that bad, actually one of the presenters was downright gorgeous. Wedding band, of course, but still it made for a nice distraction as most of the information was very easy to take in and some...


ow.. ow.. ow..

Oh I could just kiss Moose for suggesting that I do my exercise rides in the morning before work. Yep, kiss him until he just can’t breathe anymore! 😀 Oh, wait, did I say kiss.. I meant kill. Ow, ow,...