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photo: catch the sun

I’ve taken to walking in the early morning after checking into the office. Our building is right next to The Yards Park and Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, so when it’s nice enough outside, there’s never a lack of great scenery. This morning was no exception.


Beyoncé: Move Your Body!

All those friends and co-workers that make fun of me for loving Dance Central… take that! Beyoncé has re-written and re-recorded her song “Get Me Bodied” for the Let’s Move! project, supporting First Lady Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity campaign. Titling...


media: recycling IS bad!

It’s not very difficult for me to feel vindicated, but I often set my sights fairly low, so it’s more of a laidback vindication. It mostly involves discovering a copy of a TV show or ad that only I–or 2...


Next time, an actual getaway

It’s been a good week off, though I guess I’m still off since we have the holiday on Monday, but everyone’s off that day so doing the tourist thing will be kinda packed. I didn’t have to think about the...


Le Transfert de Masse

Seen around the web in a few places, this made me laugh and then it made me a little sad. 😳 The original source article is in French, so translate at your own risk, but it’s so true.


Gentlemen… start your Swiffers!

There is much cleaning in progress at the bohemian’s bo-home-ian. I risked serious slip and fall injuries as well as brain damage from fumes to clean out my shower from top to bottom and to make my sink so clean...


Monday Motivation: Matthew McConaughey

😳 *melts* Since I missed the boat with Friday’s showing of the skin (sort of), I had to make up for it and give myself a little motivation. I suppose this is like the reverse of placing one’s photo on...