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I seriously need some shopping therapy

I clicked on this sale ad, but then quickly forgot what I’d gone there to buy… fer realz tho, yesterday I headed over to macy*s after work and had the wind completely taken out of my sails. It was a...


Mmmmm, sushi.

No more than a year ago I might have said that, but it would have been extremely sarcastic. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sushi, I had no idea whether I liked it or not. I’d just never been properly...


ow.. ow.. ow..

Oh I could just kiss Moose for suggesting that I do my exercise rides in the morning before work. Yep, kiss him until he just can’t breathe anymore! 😀 Oh, wait, did I say kiss.. I meant kill. Ow, ow,...


Consumer’s Report

I should take steps to block all retail websites from my home and work computers. I have spent a metric assload of money these past few weeks. I can justify it as stuff that I need, but it’s really stuff...


Revenge of the Mac, Attack of the Mud

All of my mac devices must have a secret microchip in them that tells when new products are released and triggers a system failure. My mini still won’t start up and I’ve done every sort of system repair and restore...



Nothing like a moment on a scale to shatter the self esteem for the day.. *ick*



Feeling a bit myself again, listening to Donald Fagen, The Nightfly and sipping peppermint tea. I really need to get more of this ‘cos it wakes me up, gives me that warm sweet feeling I like to have in the...