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I behaved

Last night I was ever so good, I got home and turned on the computer only to bring up Trillian and continue conversations I’d left off at the office. No City of Heroes, No Doctor Who, No Tivo from the...


me wantee: juicer

Amazon.com: Kitchen & Housewares: Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus The first line of “Features” cracks me up, I’m ashamed to say: Professional juice extractor adjusts to juicing load, maximizing juice extraction But that aside, I’d really like a juicer,...


You Are What You Click

You Are What You Click (washingtonpost.com) While everyone was abuzz about the pope yesterday, I turned the office conversation over the the government’s new food pyramids, which were on a web site that, at the time of the press conference/release,...


boys r dumb

What is the motivation behind someone saying they will call you, and then not calling? What’s up with that? Though considering e-mail and IM goes unanswered, I’m guessing its pretty clear, but the unknowns are so odd, what could have...



This article from the Washington Post gave me a bit of a chuckle… since I have target pants as well. One Woman’s Seat-of-the-Pants Diet Plan


sate me, sate me!

I was thinking of making a modest sandwich when I got home from work today since I don’t have time for a big dinner before bowling, but now I’m thinking of looking up the number for the Mayflower chinese place...


The Quiznos Quest for Nutrimat Data

I just had lunch at Quiznos Subs and got a salad, nothing terribly special, chicken, parmesan, asiago and Romano cheese warmed and melted, atop a standard salad with cherry tomatoes. But as I’m eating it, having gotten it for the...


this is getting serious

Stayed home from work today. Reason? Didn’t feel like going. Admittedly there is some nasty stuffed nose and congestion happening, but honestly nothing that should keep me out of the office. Regardless, here I sit. Maybe I’ll get some cleaning...



Nothing like a moment on a scale to shatter the self esteem for the day.. *ick*



Feeling a bit myself again, listening to Donald Fagen, The Nightfly and sipping peppermint tea. I really need to get more of this ‘cos it wakes me up, gives me that warm sweet feeling I like to have in the...