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(minor) stalking pays!

I was running a little later than usual this morning getting out of the house for work (thanks to last night’s indulgences) and one thing that I rarely mind about being late is that the crowd on the train is...


I’m building an ark for tomorrow’s commute

Record Rain Wreaks Havoc on Morning Commute This morning, major commuter delays developed as a result of a mudslide that dumped six feet of slick debris near the intersection of the Capital Beltway and Telegraph Road, closing the road for...


He said what now?

Robert Smith called us “sexual deviants” huh? Well I’m trashing ALL my Cure albums right now! — What’s that? Oh, Robert J. Smith? Never mind. Metro Board Member Fired for Comment on Gays | WaPo


and now, the funny

From Pass Fail Studios comes another X-Men spoof: He could try Google… And this is probably just amusing to me, because I’ve heard many an excuse as to why people don’t ride metro when they should just say, “I don’t...


but I’ve nothing to wear on public transport!

Public transit via Google | Google Blog I figured it was only a matter of time before they caught onto to increasing the power of their mapping/directions system to something that will benefit people who don’t drive all the time...


Don’t play with it in public

As a follow-up to the previous posting, the UK released a campaign this year to help advise citizens not to take safety (personal and/or possessions) for granted: Acquisitive Crime Resources. This Engadget article has larger images from the campaign, they’re...


appropriate protocols

My account of Metro’s inappropriate and unsafe “appropriate protocols” | lugnochro.blogspot.com A BlogSpot user’s account of being mugged on the Red Line this past Thursday and Metro’s response to the situation. A group of young girls took her iPod and...


in your lap

Part of an ad: For incredible entertainment experiences in your lap, get Intel Centrino in your laptop. The full picture shows John Cleese sitting on a commuter’s lap drinking tea, while the commuter looks on, quite satisfied. The tagline is...