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ads: Liquid-Plumr Double Impact

I haven’t seen this on TV yet, but it’s on their official YouTube channel so this at least appears to be a real ad that they’re hoping goes viral. Sadly I’ve only ever had to use Liquid-Plumr once in my...


video: Holiday Cheer from Andrew Christian

I think it’s safe to post this one now as darkness has firmly taken hold and all good little boys and girls should be asleep in their beds so that Santa doesn’t skip over their house. Underwear/Swimwear–and other goods too,...


food: lick a lolly, indeed!

Some critics have called Daniel Craig the coolest Bond yet, but I’m not sure this is what they had in mind… 😈 Set for distribution during National Ice Cream Week (June 1–9 in the UK), Del Monte created the popsicle–sorry,...