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comics: Insufferable

“Insufferable” from Thrillbent: What happens when you’re a crimefighter and your sidekick grows up to be an arrogant, ungrateful douchebag? What on Earth could draw the two of you back together again?


comics: Breast Cancer Awareness

An amazing ad campaign drawn by Maisa Chaves for DDB Mozambique featuring well-known female comic book characters giving themselves self-exams to raise awareness of regular breast exams among women at risk of breast cancer. Nobody’s immune to breast cancer. When...


IRL: Superheroes

Throughout the land, real life superheroes exist amongst us. They are ordinary people who don capes, masks and alter egos to bravely battle crime, apathy and homelessness, in order to right the wrongs of society.


video: those poor monkeys…

I already talked a bit about No Heroics and last night was the final episode of the current series. I hope that they’ll be renewed for a second one. It relied on some sitcom staples, the death of a friend*...


tv: No Masks. No Powers. No Heroics.

It’s been a no-fun, very busy sorta Wednesday and my brain is a bit fried but why should that stop me from rambling on about something I’m not terribly proud of… an actor crush. Not even a movie actor, a...