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It happens in X-Men fanfic too…

From today’s Sluggy Freelance. Rogue: A Melee Damage Dealing Class Rouge: A Reddish Powder It’s important to know the difference. See the strip for illustration. Pete’s on vacation and it’s currently WoW filler time.


who needs words when I have webcomics?

Ah Friday, the payoff day for most webcomics. Today’s Real Life (in which the character is just starting a new job) shows that geeks are indeed, everywhere. But silly comic character, you can set your TiVo from the internet, duh!...



Yeah, I think was onto this one way early. I saw the new iPod with video up close and me definitely wantee, even if I might get iPod thumb!


oh. so. true.

Credit Check | Real Life – The Online Comic Greg tries to get his own credit report and finds a much simpler solution. I’m lucky that I won’t have to look for an apartment for another few years (*knock wood*...



Today’s Penny Arcade goes out to all those lonely horny MMORPG players wookin pa nub (or nookie) online.


final panel goodness!

Every Cloud has a Silver Lithium Oxide Lining It was cute, but the last panel cracked me up considering the last few days.