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on metro: Is that your bag?

After all these years, I finally had a real live “Is that your bag?” moment on the metro. It had nothing to do with combating terrorism or anything like that. I just didn’t want the poor guy to leave his...


on metro: Reverse Psychology?

This could almost be viral marketing for the film What Would Jesus Buy?, except that it would be a little late. I saw this on the train this morning, stuck into a barrier near the train door. I would have...


gadgets: a Personal Cone of Silence

I should have listened sooner, really. A few years back, when Tom still worked in my office, he suggested a pair of Shure headphones to go with my iPod. Advising that they were expensive, but worth it. I think I...


Don’t be Trashy

This ad disturbs me. I mean I get it, recycle and all, but something about the freaky Nicholas Cage “I’m gonna mess you up” looking model dressed like Karim Rashid is just weird! It would probably help if the ad...


Precisely Targeted Ad

This had just been pasted to the floor of the Navy Yard metro station when I was leaving the office on Weds. It had a link to the website Fire Mary Peters. The Navy Yard station is across the street...


This is what passes for graffiti?

Due to the fact that it has been a rather busy day, hanging with Gregory, playing Starcraft, having dinner and a lazy tv night in with a new acquaintance… I never really got around to writing anything today! I snapped...


What next?

I’ve been at my desk for approximately 5 minutes after already being delayed by stopped and single tracked green line trains on the way into the office today and after checking voice and e-mail — it’s already that kinda day.


Second time around

I’ve done my metro good deed for the day so I should have a good evening. Not only did I direct a couple to the correct train (they were already on mine going the wrong way), I told someone to...