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Can’t get you out of my TARDIS

Forget the iPhone, there’s real news afoot: Kylie Minogue to star in Doctor Who episode!! She’ll be playing a major lead role alongside David Tennant in the upcoming Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned. Filming starts in Cardiff this month....


Come Into My World

Ok, woke up late, running late, ankle sore from twisting it on Monday night bowling, generally a crap morning, or it would be if I weren’t listening to Kylie live in concert. Her songs are already fun, but the live...


hello shiny things, good bye sunshine

Music: New Duncan, Kylie and Ministry of Sound Book: New Octavia Butler, Fledgling Game: World of Warcraft Video: Yu-Gi-Oh G/X reruns (I know, I know) No need to see the light of day anytime soon, right? *grin*

is it a crime

..to really like listening to Kylie Minogue? Moreso, is it a crime to bop around in one’s chair and sing along when she’s playing? Oh these things we must ponder.