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Little Coco’s Aperitivo Hour

I have way too many “personal health holidays” thanks to surviving cancer. If not for social media memories, I’d completely forget some of them. Still, yesterday was officially one year since my oncologist gave me the boot. Said he’d no...


Baby, There’s Brunch Inside…

No, I’m not going to debate the holiday tune, I just needed a clever title to go with some food pics. There clearly hasn’t been enough food content on my blog. I’m going to lose my foodie/influencer credentials! Last week...


Four Brunches and a Blog Article

I don’t know if it’s silly, healthy, harmful, whatever to “celebrate” the finishing of cancer treatments. Initially it was yet another reason to go out, treat myself, drink a few more cocktails than usual and just be thankful. And I...


Chocolate Chip Cookies, Live on Twitch!

I thought I’d give something different a try on my Twitch channel and instead of a usual Friday stream playing Destiny, I decided I’d make cookies. Live. On the internet. With an audience. Because there’s no way that could go...


Ghibellina: Gamberi e Polenta

Tried a new place for brunch a few weekends ago, Ghibellina on 14th St NW. Had a lovely shrimp and polenta dish and overall enjoyed the experience. Would definitely head back for another visit.