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Nigella’s Cozy Kitchen

In what I’m sure is a promotional move for her latest cookbook, Nigella Lawson has penned a short article for the Wall Street Journal on her essential cozy kitchen. ‘Kitchen’ is probably one of the most evocative words in the...


In Praise of Nigella

Even though it’s unlikely, I have said that if Nigella Lawson were to do a book signing stop in DC this year, it would make 2010–cancer aside–the best year ever. Since Sara Moulton was dumped from Food Network and they’ve...


food porn: $240 worth of pudding

No, not really. This is $240 worth of pudding. And this is some caramel croissant pudding a la Nigella Lawson*: It seems that Food Network only has about 10 episodes total of both Nigella’s shows, so I see the same...