going up, doors opening

Pet peeve. People who, when the elevator stops on a floor lower than the one they are traveling to, don’t move out of the way of people behind them. I just went down to put a bill payment in the mail box and upon getting on the elevator to go back up, there were 5 people in, one getting off on 3rd floor, myself on 4th floor and the others on 7th. The 7th floors got in last and stood in front of the doors completely blocking them. (what makes people do that?) Anyway, when the doors open for the 3rd floor, do they move? No. The woman getting out moved forward then had to say the usual “excuse me” to get by and nearly had the doors close on her. And the same thing happened on the 4th floor for me.

To a lesser extent the same thing on Metro trains cheeses me off too. But not so much people that don’t move out of the way when the doors are opening on their side of the train when it isn’t their stop. Instead the people entering the train who won’t step to the side so that people leaving can get out. One day I was carrying a big box with me and as usual, people had the path blocked, so I brushed by as best I could, and hit someone who gave a loud “HEY!” when I made it through, which I totally ignored, since in my experience people don’t want to get told off when it might cause them to miss their train and in that respect I was trying to be polite to them.

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