numbah one…

Of all the things that are general re-occurring depressing points, the fact that I feel I may never be able to own a home in DC is number one.
From a Washington Post article, Rising Price of the American Dream
They were a real estate agent’s dream: well heeled, well educated and preapproved for a $400,000 home.
But in the District neighborhoods where the couple wanted to live, all that real estate agent Leyla Phelan could show them were one-bedroom apartments in Logan Circle or small houses in Petworth or Brightwood.
“It just blows my mind,” said Phelan, an agent in Northwest Washington. She said the city’s continuing real estate boom has been great for her business and good overall for the city. But as a District resident, she has concerns about who will be able to afford to buy a home in the city in the future.
“They can’t all be attorneys and patent lawyers,” Phelan said. “I love them as clients, but D.C. also has a lot of nonprofit people and universities. As a citizen of the city, you have to ask, where are the Whole Foods workers or gas station attendants going to live?”

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