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Out/Spoken 2018, June 21 @ 9:30 Club

Story District presents Out/Spoken. LGBTQ storytellers will share true stories that will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired. June 21, 8pm at 9:30 Club.


DC Pride 2015: Out/Spoken

Capital Pride is just around the corner, and in case you didn’t know, it’s not just all about the parade and festival (and parties)–even though it can sometimes seem that way. If you’d rather tone up your mind rather than...


9:30 Club BOGO Special

Oops, I totally forgot to mention this earlier. Right now, from 10a-11a EST, the 9:30 Club is offering a Buy One Get One special for any show there, purchased through tickets.com. It’s their Election Hangover Special and from what I’ve...


when I look back on my ordinary life

The lesson is: save early and save often! gmail sorta crashed up my browser (it really can be a firefox killer) and I lost all the fun and wit of my post. For a moment you think, “F_ck it, I’m...


Ok, I just bought 2 tickets to see Erasure on Monday May 2.. To those that I mentioned it to earlier, I can’t afford to buy a mass of tickets for us all, but I’ll go back and check the...